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Hindi, Hindu, Horror

Filming Horror: Hindi Cinema, Ghosts and Ideologies by Meraj Ahmed Mubarki; New Delhi: Sage, 2016; pp 196, ₹ 695.

The Creative Zeal of the Rays

The Rays before Satyajit: Creativity and Modernity in Colonial India by Chandak Sengoopta, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016; pp xi+418, ₹ 995.

(En)Gender Inclusive Disaster Management

Women and Disasters in South Asia: Survival, Security and Development edited by Linda Racioppi and Swarna Rajagopalan, Routledge India, 2016; pp 318, ₹ 1,050.

The Dark History of Cotton

Empire of Cotton: A New History of Global Capitalism by Sven Beckert, Penguin Random House UK, 2014; pp 615, £30.

Foundations of Indian Christianity

Christianity in Indian History: Issues of Culture, Power and Knowledge edited by Pius Malekandathil, Joy L K Pachuau and Tanika Sarkar, Delhi: Primus Books, 2016; pp xiv + 283, ₹ 1,750.

A Voice to the Dalit Cause

Readings on Dalit Identity: History, Literature and Religion edited by Swaraj Basu; Hyderabad: Orient Black Swan, 2016; pp 403, ₹ 895.

Widening the Frames of Subaltern Studies

New Subaltern Politics: Reconceptualizing Hegemony and Resistance in Contemporary India edited by Alf Gunvald Nilsen and Srila Roy, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2015; pp x + 318, ₹ 850.

India’s Rotten Democracy and the Maoist Movement

Storming the Gates of Heaven: The Maoist Movement in India—A Critical Study, 1972–2014 by Amit Bhattacharyya, Kolkata: Setu Prakashani, 2016; pp v + 557, ₹ 1,200. The Burning Forest: India’s War in Bastar by Nandini Sundar, New Delhi: Juggernaut Books, 2016; pp xvi + 413, ₹ 699.

A Man for All Seasons

Half Lion: How P V Narasimha Rao Transformed India by Vinay Sitapati; Delhi: Penguin Viking, 2016; pp 392, ₹ 699 (hardcover).

Rise of the Nation State and Beyond

Metamorphoses of the City: On the Western Dynamic by Pierre Manent, Cambridge, MA/ London: Harvard University Press, 2013; pp vi+376, $39.95.

Historicising Sanskrit

South Asian Texts in History: Critical Engagements with Sheldon Pollock edited by Yigal Bronner, Whitney Cox and Lawrence McCrea, Delhi: Primus Books, 2016; pp 424, ₹1,750.

Big Bang—A Retrospective

Crash Bang Wallop: The Inside Story of London’s Big Bang and a Financial Revolution that Changed the World by Iain Martin, Sceptre, 2016; pp 340 + x, ₹599/UK£14.99.


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