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Rajni Kothari

Form and Substance in Indian Politics

From April to June 1961, a series of six articles by Rajni Kothari were published in The Economic Weekly. These articles titled "Form and Substance in Indian Politics" covered panchayat Raj, instititions of parliamentary government, party system and prospects of democracy - all affecting the political life of the 17-year old democracy. These articles established his path breaking and innovative approach to studying Indian politics. EPW presents these essays collectively to commemorate the legacy of Rajni Kothari. 

NGOs, the State and World Capitalism

This article, published in the 13 December 1986 issue of EPW, critiques a bill that would have set up a national council of voluntary agencies to regulate and establish a code of conduct for NGOs. Given that the role of NGOs remains debated even now, this article sheds light on how NGOs could be depolicised and distanced from those engaged in struggles against the government and their vested interests. 

Culture of Communalism in Gujarat

This article attempts to examine the larger and rapidly spreading communalisation of the Indian polity as a whole and relating it to the extent possible, to similar trends elsewhere in the world, identifying those individuals and groups responsible for spreading this culture of violence within and across regions. It attempts to develop a broader understanding of the rarity of the threat posed by what is happening in Gujarat.