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Referees Consulted in 2012

EPW hopes the list is complete and apologises if the name of any referee has been excluded. Errors will be corrected on the web site.

Referees Consulted in 2011

1 A R Vasavi
2 A V Jose
3 Alok Rai
4 Amita Baviskar
5 Anant Maringanti
6 Arindam Dasgupta
7 Asad Sayeed
8 Ashwini Deshpande
9 Avinash Kumar
10 Banikanta Misra
11 Biswamoy Pati
12 C Ravi
13 C Veeramani 
14 Chandan Mukherjee
15 Chandrika Sharma
16 C P Chandrasekhar
17 D N Reddy

Macroeconomic Indicators (16 April 2011)

The Census of 2011 reveals that India's decadal population growth over 2001 decelerated significantly to 17.6% from 21.5% in the previous decade. The decline is present in most of the states, but, some of the more populous states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan exhibited growth rates of above 20%. While the overall sex ratio turned in favour of females, the ratio in respect of children in the age group of up to six years has turned adverse. The literacy rate has improved from roughly two-thirds to three-fourths over the decade.

Banks' Performance: Limited Achievements

Banks have not paid sufficient attention in the post-reform period to the societal goals that they were expected to pursue. For this, at least in part the Reserve Bank must take the blame. Its system of monitoring the banks' performances under various regulations is at best inefficient and at worst biased. While it makes a rigorous review of prudential norms attained by banks, it does not attempt to evaluate and enforce targets set for societal goals.