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Arup Baisya

Democracy and the Left in South Asia

Democratic Governance and Politics of the Left in South Asia edited by Subhoranjan Dasgupta; Delhi: Aakar Books, 2015; pp v + 266, Rs 695.

Strategic Dilemma of the Indian Left

While the Communist Party of India and the CPI (Marxist) follow a strategy based solely on the category of a "war of position", the CPI (Maoist) is trying to implement a strategy based entirely on a "war of manoeuvre". The interconnectedness of these two categories and their dialectical relation with the state are missed in each party's strategising of the revolutionary movement.

Ideology of Pan-Islamism

Taking off from Sumanta Banerjee's book review in the EPW ("The Left and Political Islam", 30 March 2013) on the left's understanding of political Islam, a comment on the ideology, politics, and the internal dynamic of the Islamic community.

The Importance of Democracy in Socialism

This response to Sumanta Banerjee's "Revolutionary Movements in a Post-Marxian Era" (EPW, 5 May 2012) entifi es the democracy deficit as the main internal obstacle to a new revolutionary practice informed by Marxism.

'The Left in Decline': A Historical Perspective

Why should the CPI(M) not be considered a ruling class party? The answer to this question and that of the transformation of the official Indian Left requires one to delve into the history of Stalinism, the Comintern, and the communist movement in India.