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Energy, Gender and Social Norms in Indigenous Rural Societies

Studying women’s work and energy use through field studies in Khasi communities in Meghalaya and Angami communities in Nagaland, the links between energy use and women’s work and leisure are explored. It is found that the choice of energy source is closely linked with women’s participation in the management of energy resources, their opportunities to earn incomes, and their ability to negotiate the cultural and social norms of their communities. Energy planning cannot stop with the provision of household access to electricity or liquefied petroleum gas. A new deal for women in the energy sector is delineated, which relates to overcoming sociocultural limits and increasing the opportunity cost of women’s labour and their right to assets.

Floods in the North-East

Although India has 175 flood forecasting stations and 140 more new flood forecasting stations are in the pipeline in the Twelfth Plan, we do not seem to have improved our performance on the ground in terms of saving lives and property. The most recent flood in Assam claimed 44 lives and massive loss of property and livelihood. A more proactive citizenry too is required to monitor the government's anti-flood strategy. It was also telling that the national media gave scant space and air time to this tragedy in the North-East, which is forever on the periphery.
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