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Maharashtra’s Law on Social Boycott

The social boycott act passed by the Government of Maharashtra is an important step in arresting the abuse of power by in-group elites. However, the possibility of legal challenge; absence of victim and witness protection, compensation and rehabilitation; and lack of a mechanism to deal with inter-caste and outlier community cases may limit the realisation of the desired goals. Further, by pegging the role of caste panchayats only to social boycott it conveniently excludes the “evolved” upper caste panchayats.

Scavenging for the State

A study of sewage workers and toilet cleaners employed with the Pune Municipal Corporation shows how solid waste management is narrowly focused on dry latrine cleaning. One needs to urgently reform solid waste management system and improve the working conditions of people who are employed in cleaning our cities.

Dispensing Justice Through Kangaroo Courts

In awarding brutal punishment to people who defy social norms based on superstitions, patriarchy and casteism in villages, gaavkis or caste panchayats in Maharashtra openly subvert the law of the land with the tacit support of the police and politicians. The Tanta Mukti Gaav Yojna, a village dispute resolution scheme, initiated by the state government to curb the growing menace of these unconstitutional bodies lacks teeth and perpetuates the established structures of hierarchy and dominance.
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