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Political Destiny of Immigrants in Assam

Updated under the close scrutiny of the Supreme Court, the release of the first part of the draft National Register of Citizens for Assam has been long-awaited by the indigenous people in the state. The process, however, has been plagued by constitutional and legal hurdles that have questioned the validity of citizenship and heightened political differences on the issue. Amidst this larger debate, the fate of illegal migrants remains undetermined.

Assam’s Population Policy, 2017

Assam’s 2017 Population and Women Empowerment Policy claims to have as its focusthe inclusive and sustainablewell-being of its population, rather than population control. However, it displays an overriding concern with population “explosion,” exaggerates the actual increase in numbers, and is suggestive of a targeted approach.

Pagladiya Project

The Pagladiya dam project first proposed in the late 1960s now threatens to displace over 50,000 tribals, with R and R terms broadly unsatisfactory. The only solution is the formation of a broad-based alliance of several anti-dam movements across the country.
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