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About Open Access

Under EPW Open Access, authors will have the opportunity to make their published article available at no cost to readers on the EPW website by paying an Open Access Subscription Fee (OASF).

Open Access articles will be published under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licence.

Why Open Access?

  • broadens the reach of your article
  • increases the possibility of citations
  • may be required by funding organisations
  • benefits the public

Requesting Open Access

- Authors should send in a request to make their article available under Open Access only after their article has been published in the journal.

- Articles that are already in the archive can also be made available under Open Access.

Open Access Subscription Fee 

- The OASF is INR 2.25 lakh (+ GST @18% extra) for authors affiliated to universities/institutions within India, and USD 3000 for authors with affiliation to universities/institutions outside India.


Interested authors should write to us mentioning the Author name(s), Title, Volume number, Issue number and Date of publication at