Pharma Patents after 10 Years

Ten years on, the progressive provisions of the amended Indian Patents Act are being watered down.

A Reputation for Rescue and Relief

We must save as many lives as possible, but why should we shamelessly seek brownie points for it?


The legacy of Ram Manohar Lohia suggests a programme for the reunified Janata Parivar.

Margin Speak

Ambedkar's samata is not samrasata and his world view is not the neo-liberal, social Darwinism that it is being made out to be.


In February this year, the Supreme Court held that although Muslim personal law permits a man to marry four women, this does not offer protection against service rules that prohibit more than one spouse. This article looks at a number of...


Thirty years after The Political Economy of Development in India was published, its author explores what has changed and what has not changed in India today.


Even as American fast food chains like McDonald's gain popularity in countries like India, in the US their workers are waging a bitter struggle for a higher minimum wage, better working conditions and the right to unionise. This article...

Book Review

Market, Regulations and Finance: Global Meltdown and the Indian Economy edited by Ratan Khasnabis and Indrani Chakraborty; New Delhi and New York: Springer India, India Studies in Business and Economics, 2014; pp 266, price not indicated.

Book Review

Ecosystem Management: Towards Merging Theory and Practice by Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, New Delhi, Nimby Books, 2014; pp 270, Rs 390 paperback.


This article argues that none of the reasons and objectives stated by way of justification for the replacement of the University Grants Commission by the National Higher Education Authority are genuine. There is no compatibility between the...

Special Articles

This paper deals with the contested nature of religion, media, and culture in India. Beginning with an analysis of structural functionalist accounts of an unchanging and essentialised Hindu culture, it explores a key rupture-- the cultural...

Special Articles

India has low pension coverage, and the pension system is unable to fulfil its purpose. A non-contributory, basic pension can guarantee a regular income in old age to all residents of the country, regardless of earning or occupation. The...

Special Articles

Despite the usual arguments made in India about vote banks based on caste, religion, class, money, and other benefits, have times changed? Do citizens of India now vote for promises of development? With all signs indicating socio-economic...


Ashish Bose coined the acronym BIMARU in the early 1980s to describe the backwardness of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh relative to the best-performing states in terms of demographic indicators. This article extends Bose'...


In reply to the Central Statistics Office's rejoinder (18 April 2015) to his article (28 March 2015), the author examines the CSO's methodological improvisations to find out if they could have contributed to the higher estimates of growth...


In Sri Lanka, the English language remains a symbolic marker of privilege, refinement and class—as well as a means of upward mobility.


We care so little about the quality of assets in our public environment, poor quality being an outcome of corruption. When can we hope for a change? Some thoughts on corruption.


As a large-scale contemporary art expo that sought global attraction and transboundary presence, the second edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale was a felicitous winner.

Web Exclusives

Why was beef obliterated from the Dalit household and shunned, even if it was an integral part of the diet? Based on auto-ethnography, the researcher revisits his relationship with food, especially beef, not as a scientific category as signified...