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The move to have doctors prescribe medicines in generic names is not a well-planned one.
Should we not honour the Haymarket martyrs and help revive international working-class solidarity? .


Estimate of illicit financial outflows and the demand to repatriate these are fraught with issues.

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This article looks at pre-employment issues in the employment relationship with a view to provide a conceptual framework for regulation and governance of employment relations.


After reading the EPW editorial “No Panacea for Agrarian Distress” (15 April 2017), I remembered Daniel Thorner, a leftist American economist who did research on India.

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State Formation and the Establishment of Non-Muslim Hegemony: Post-Mughal 19th-century Punjab by Rishi Singh, New Delhi: Sage, 2015; pp ix+232, ₹895.

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In the first decade of the 19th century, Kumaun was part of the Gorkha Empire connected to Kathmandu by a well-serviced east–west road.
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