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The US President wants an inner circle of loyal retainers; any doubt on this score leads to summary dismissal.
The Delhi chief minister’s apology to political opponents makes sense, up to a point.


Prior to the long-delayed 2017 census, socio-economic planning in Pakistan had used obsolete data, widening the gulf between the rich and the poor.

Special Articles

The impact of the local contextualisation of successive rounds of educational decentralisation reform on organisational learning and capacities of rural educational governance structures is examined.

Book Reviews

Provisional Authority: Police, Order, and Security in India by Beatrice Jauregui, Chicago, London: Chicago University Press, 2016; pp ix+ 205, $35 /£24.

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The partition of British India precipitated a set of instruments of governance that shaped occupations, land-use patterns, and forms of citizenship in urban hinterlands.

Special Issues

The last budget of the Modi government comes against the backdrop of severe agrarian and rural distress.
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