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The attack on students, this time in JNU, is part of India's unresolved culture wars.
Anti-terrorism investigations must not be communally biased.


A tribute to P K Nair (1933-2016) who founded and helmed the National Film Archive of India and left an indelible mark on the world of films in the country.

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Merely enacting laws, however well-intentioned, to overcome social evils in a society will fail if these laws are not implemented.


In the context of the ongoing assembly elections in different states of India, politics and democracy take a specific meaning: exercising one’s voting right as a citizen in favour of a candidate belonging to a particular political party.

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Muslims against Partition: Revisiting the Legacy of Allah Bakhsh and Other Patriotic Muslims by Shamsul Islam; Pharos Media, 2015; pp 216, ₹250.

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This paper seeks to model the long-run relationship between Indian exchange traded funds or ETFs and their underlying indices.
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