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What EPW Means to Me

Veteran political economist Amiya Kumar Bagchi ( looks back on a long association with Economic Weekly and Economic and Political Weekly, which contributed to his intellectual development, made him a member of the EPW subfamily and resulted in friendships that he still cherishes.

My Thoughts on a Unique Institution

Let me congratulate this remarkable journal on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of EPW is the undeniable impact it has had on informing and shaping discussions across the social sciences.

Covering the Dynamics of a Changing World

The author, a sociologist engaged in anthropological fieldwork in the study of labour came to India as a PhD student, became a regular reader of the Economic Weekly, later the Economic & Political Weekly and graduated to contribute articles to the journal and become a friend of Krishna Raj. Here, he muses on what the journal has meant to him and to its readers down the decades.


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