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The BJP is cynically manipulating Muslim women's plea to abolish triple talaq to pander to the majority.
Indians cannot be free if we enslave and brutalise a people for demanding azaadi from India.


The principles and programmes that the socialists formulated over 75 years ago still seem relevant in today's India.

Book Reviews

Economic Thought: A Brief History by Heinz D Kurz translated by Jeremiah Riemer, New York: Columbia University Press, 2016; pp viii+208, $27.

Review Issues

Based on the restudy in 2012-14 of Jamgod in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh, which was first studied by Adrian C Mayer in the 1950s, an overview of changes in landownership and use, and the relations of labour and production are presented.

Special Issues

The neo-liberal envisioning of cities and the accompanying hyper-commodification of land and new forms of social marginalisation have increased precarity among migrant labour, severely impairing their ability to negotiate the city space and society at large.
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