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An exploration of the judicial and legislative responses to the claim for minority status by the Jains in post-independence India reveals the state's deep-seated disquiet about the idea of minority rights.


The expected benefits of demonetisation in curbing the menace of corr­uption are overstated.

Book Reviews

The Many Faces of Kashmiri Nationalism: From the Cold War to the Present Day by Nandita Haksar, Delhi: Speaking Tree, 2015; pp 352, ₹315.

Review Issues

In recent years, many activists working to prevent trafficking of women and children have recognised the thin line between protecting women against trafficking and contributing further to their immobilisation, especially in societies where regulation of women's mobility is a key element of patriarchal control.

Special Issues

The neo-liberal envisioning of cities and the accompanying hyper-commodification of land and new forms of social marginalisation have increased precarity among migrant labour, severely impairing their ability to negotiate the city space and society at large.
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