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The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill does not reclaim the commons.
Capturing young minds by infl icting political ideology through textbooks.


The dimension of the scam relating to inflation of power tariffs by, among other things, over-invoicing imported coal has become considerably bigger.

Special Articles

One of the significant transformations in the political economy of rural Nepal is the gradual weakening of traditional forms of attached and caste-based division of labour.


The Maharashtra law prohibiting social boycotts is a progressive one, protecting people from social hierarchies that are trying to punish them for transgressing regressive social mores.


“Studying Women and the Women’s Movement in India” by Joan Mencher (EPW, 30 April 2016) throws light on the life and times of women in India during the second half of the 20th century.

Book Reviews

The Struggle for Pakistan: A Muslim Homeland and Global Politics by Ayesha Jalal; Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014; pp xii + 435, $35.

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This paper seeks to model the long-run relationship between Indian exchange traded funds or ETFs and their underlying indices.
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