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Two separate government decisions on maternity benefits smack of discrimination.
The conviction of a retired senior civil servant raises important questions about law enforcement in India.


What does it mean to be left in Tripura today? In retrospect, the success of the left in Tripura depended on the recognition of the contrarian geographical impulses of ethno-nationalism.

Special Articles

Tamil Nadu is considered a mobile society because its people have a history of migration and a significant diaspora presence in 17 countries across the world.


The recently released joint doctrine of the armed forces outlines the manner in which they expect to fight the next war.

Book Reviews

Research Methodology: Logic, Methods, and Cases by Sameer S Phanse, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016; pp xxx + 727, ₹ 625 (paperback).

Special Issues

The Indian state’s strategy to combat Naxalism has wrecked havoc on the Adivasi and tribal communities.
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